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CIMSE-Is calls for strike actions at 45 Turkish cement plants

The ICEM Turkish affiliate ÇIMSE-İş, the Cement, Ceramics, Pottery and Glass Industry Workers’ Union, decided at its presidential committee meeting on 2 June to call strikes at 45 cement factories. The decision, occurring in Ankara, comes after disagreement in cement sector collective bargaining negotiations.

The bargaining has hit an impasse, blocking achievement of a new collective agreement. The union and the Cement Industry Employers’ Federation (CEIS) have been negotiating since 7 January. Bargaining in January and February did reach consensus on some 40 provisions on normative regulations.

But in the months since, no further progress has been made. ÇIMSE-İş decided to call a walkout on the entire industry at last week’s meeting of the presidential committee, composed of the union’s Executive Committee members and branch chairmen. The committee decided to take the necessary preparations for strike actions without delay.

Some 5,800 union members are employed at the 45 cement plants.

According to the Strike and Lock-out Law, ÇIMSE-İş can lawfully strike within a 60-day period after announcing the strike. The union will soon determine the exact day to start the strike. (6 June 2011)