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ICEM’s Quadrennial Chemicals Conference in Istanbul next week

The ICEM World Conference for the Chemical Industries will take place on 27-28 October in Istanbul, Turkey, upon invitation of affiliate Petrol-İş, Turkey’s Petroleum, Chemical and Rubber Workers’ Union. Tomas Nieber, Chair of the ICEM Chemicals Sector and trade union leader of Germany’s IGBCE, will chair of the sector and will welcome an estimated 250 delegates and guests.

The Conference will be composed of six major presentations and panel discussions:

* Presentation on “Global Chemical Industries – An Overview,” followed by a panel discussion entitled “Global Crisis, Restructuring and Challenges for Trade Unions in the Chemical Industries.”

* Presentation on “Pharmaceutical Industry: Recent Trends,” followed by a panel discussion entitled “Opportunities and Challenges for Trade Unions in the Pharmaceutical Industry.”

* Presentation on “Recent Trends on Employment and Working Conditions and Social Dialogue in the Chemical Industry,” followed by a panel discussion entitled “Trade Union Rights, Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue in Chemical Industries: Sharing Experiences.”

* Presentation on “Health, Safety and Sustainability in the Chemical Industries: Trade Union Approach and Response,” followed by a panel discussion entitled “Global Level Chemical Safety Initiatives and Workers’ Health.”

* Presentation on Changing “Work Relationships: ICEM’s Campaign on Contract and Agency Labour,” followed by a panel discussion entitled “Precarious Employment and Trade Union Policies and Actions.”

* Presentation on “Global Trade Union Response Against Challenges: Global Framework Agreements, Global/Regional Company & Sector Networks, and Campaigns,” followed by a panel discussion called “Creation of Global Trade Union Power through Solidarity, Support and Cooperation.”

Following discussions, ICEM General Secretary Manfred Warda will summarize the panel discussions and present the future action plan for the chemicals industry for the coming four years. (18 October 2010)